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My name is David Rosano, aka “OC dave”, reaching out via in support of Todd Anderson, owner/operator of The Old Corner Saloon located in Clements, Ca.  I have been employed at Todd’s saloon for over fifteen years, thirteen of those as his general manager of operations.  My time at The Old Corner has been an amazing career opportunity and rewarding experience, primarily attributed to Todd himself, combined with the incredible loyal clientele which the saloon has earned.  Todd’s coined slogan, “finest drinking establishment in the West” could not be held closer to the truth.

Todd has owned the saloon for sixteen years, having built a unique business concept unsurpassed by any other in the industry within our region.  Many costly improvements and property expansions have been implemented over the recent years, rendering The Old Corner Saloon levels above all the others.  With our dedicated and professional staff, combined with the tremendous local support which we have attained, it is no wonder the saloon has become a destination, the place to be for a consistent, positive experience.

Todd has also proven himself to be especially charitable over his tenure, supporting such causes as the local Junior Roller Derby and Lockeford Liberators.  The new Clements Community Center has recently benefitted from Todd’s financial contributions and support.  Todd also provided his backing towards The San Joaquin County’s 25th Sheriff, Pat Withrow’s 2019 election campaign.

Another example of Todd’s generous nature is measured by what he and The OC Charity Committee have coordinated over the last six years regarding annual veteran’s charity golf, and shoot-out tournament fundraisers.  Collectively, The Old Corner Saloon sponsored fundraisers have earned well over $64,000 in cash, awarded directly to the Wounded Warrior Charity, and The Jackson, CA Veteran Village Organizations.,Charity%20Shoot%20Out%20and%20the   

On behalf of Todd Anderson and The Old Corner Charity, we will hold our next charity event in support of both D.A.V. (Disabled American Veterans) and The Welcome Home Heroes Organizations.  This charity event will be a clay, shoot-out tournament held at Comanche Hills Hunting Preserve Sept 18, 2021, in support of both veteran organizations.

So many of us have had to endure some very unusual, difficult and trying times as of recent, and this perhaps applies to Todd as well.  I would most sincerely appreciate any support, whether it be financial and/or moral, that you may have to contribute towards his behalf.

 The funds received from my Todd Anderson @ The Old Corner Saloon, GoFundMe campaign will cover:

– Legal fees associated with any legal proceedings;
– Security costs, travel costs and other legal costs associated; and
– Repayment for any legal fees associated with defense and prosecution of ongoing litigation and   negotiations.
– Any unused proceeds will be donated to a non-profit Veteran and/or local charity.

We certainly do not want to lose The Old Corner Saloon, where Todd Anderson put his heart, soul, financial, and creative business ingenuities into place.  Without Todd, The Old Corner Saloon as we know it today, will be NO MORE.

Respectfully yours,

David J. Rosano
General Manager of Operations
The Old Corner Saloon

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